Part of your drug and alcohol abuse strategy
On-site drug testing in Manchester
When you require evidence of drug abstinence for a number of workers, our staff can attend your premises to carry out tests with minimum disruption to your core activities. for drug tests in N W England
Individual drug and alcohol tests
Need a certificate for a work contract or new job?
Employers in increasing numbers are requiring evidence that staff and contractors are not abusing drugs or alcohol. We offer a range of tests to provide you with written evidence of drug abstinence. Book a test on our premises in Stockport at a time to suit you.
Family cases
We are sensitive to the needs of families
As children grow up, they become more independent and are faced with a variety of temptations and influences. Drug and alcohol misuse can be a concern for parents worried about their teenagers. If you are in the Manchester area and feel that the drug testing option might be worth exploring, talk to us for more information.
testing for cocaine abuse and other drugs - Manchester
Drug impairment at work
Drug or alcohol abuse can have a far reaching impact on an employer’s business including reduced performance, increased accident risk, absenteeism, or worse.
drugs of abuse testing - Manchester
Employers’ responsibilities
Employers have legal and moral obligations to provide a safe working environment and to care for the health and safety of customers and the public. Drug testing can be important here.
testing for amphetamine abuse Stockport
Scientific assurance
Objective drug and alcohol screening programmes remove doubt and increase trust and confidence. Employees and customers appreciate them as part of a responsible company’s policies.
employee drug and alcohol testing in Greater Manchester
A service for Manchester
Drug and alcohol testing (both historical and recent) is carried out for individuals and firms in Stockport and Greater Manchester by our trained staff at a time and location to suit you.