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Drug testing process
A number of different approaches to drug testing are available. Which one you choose depends on the purpose of the test, urgency of results, and your budget.
The first decision is whether you require evidence of a history of illicit drug use over time, or simply an indication of recent use (three to four days). A historic drug abuse check provides greater assurance in pre-employment screening for example, whereas an effective programme of random workforce testing might need only recent drug abuse information.

Sometimes proof of abstinence is required by the Court. In such cases a historic drug test is appropriate.
We can test either for a set panel of six drug groups or for a specified substance.
Drug abuse testing process Manchester
If you wish to test only for recent drug or alcohol abuse, then there are two options. We can conduct an ‘instant’ test which will give an indication within a few minutes. If a sample cannot be given the ‘all clear’ at this screening stage, it is referred to the laboratory for further analysis, for which there is an additional fee per drug.

Alternatively, we offer a full laboratory screening service which includes any further analysis for a set panel of 11 drug groups without extra charge. ‘All clear’ reports are usually available the day following sample collection. We recommend the full laboratory screening service option as being more accurate than the slightly cheaper instant test, and because there are no additional confirmation fees, should these be required.
In all cases, samples can be taken at our premises, or on-site anywhere within a reasonable radius of Greater Manchester.
Drug testing methods
What samples are required when testing for alcohol abuse or illicit drug taking?
We work with either hair samples or urine samples depending on the chosen test. Hair samples are used for historic drug analysis, because the length of hair equates to a timeline. As the hair grows, so evidence of drug abuse at the time is laid down. By analysing different segments of a hair sample,
our laboratory can build up a picture not only of what drugs have been taken, but also when – going back up to 12 months if required.
For evidence of recent drug use, we analyse a urine sample. It is first screened (either instantly on-site or by our laboratory) and non-negative samples are then subjected to full analysis.
Our trained sample collectors follow strict protocols ensuring legally admissible reports.
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